Macbook 6.1 efi update es vége?

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Csatlakozva  16-12-2006
05 August 2017 18:12

Segitsetek. Macbook 6.1-en efi firmwaret frissitettem,  B00-rol B02-re. Azota se eger, sem billentyuzet. Kulsot sem kezel. Egyedul akkor veyzek eszre eletjelet, mikor a sierra telepitot bedugom es egerrel ki tudom jelolni a pendrive-ot indulasnal. Onnan viszont se eger, se billentyuzet nem el…usbrol sem…

Ez alapjan csinaltam:

How to install the firmware from a MacBook Pro “Core 2 Duo” 2.26 13” onto a MacBook “Core 2 Duo” 2.26 13” (Uni/Late 09) [Action should correct SATA speed issues and maybe RAM issues]:

Do a clean install of Yosemite (this should be optional, but it never hurts to start clean)
Download (MacBook Pro EFI Firmware Update 1.7)
Install Pacifist: (or whatever software you like using to extract files)
Open Pacifist and then drag the MacBookProEFIUpdate.dmg into it
Expand: Contents of MacBookProEFIUpdate.pkg -> Contents of MacBookProEFIUpdate.pkg -> Applications -> Utilities -> MacBook Pro EFI Firmware -> Contents -> Resources
Drag MBP55_00AC_03B_LOCKED.scap to the Desktop
Click the Extract button in Pacifist and enter your password if prompted and press OK (might need to enter your password twice)
Quit Pacifist
Click Go -> Utilities
Open Terminal
Type “cd Desktop” without the quotes and press Enter/Return
Type “mv MBP55_00AC_03B_LOCKED.scap MB61_00C8_B02_LOCKED.scap” without the quotes and press Enter/Return
Make sure your laptop is hooked up to a reliable power source
Type “sudo bless -mount / -firmware MB61_00C8_B02_LOCKED.scap—recovery—verbose” without the quotes and press Enter/Return
Type your password and press Enter/Return
Restart your Mac (you should hear an angry beep, then see a black screen like nothing is happening for a good while, then a gray screen with a progress bar, and finally the Mac will reboot again)
Once your Mac has booted, open your System Report and verify the update was successful (Should show the Model Identifier as a MacBookPro5,5)

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Csatlakozva  16-12-2006
05 August 2017 20:38

Hat rajottem. Macbook pro 5.5 firmware-t kapott a gep, ami nem tamogatja a legujabb sierrat. :( 10.6-ot raprobaltam es csomt nelkul felment, ott tudtam megnezni a rendszeradatokat…macbook 6.1-re vajh hogyan tudom visszacsinalni? Pont ehhez nincs.




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